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Play Vinyl, Tape, CD and radio or Transfer To PC

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A truly stunning piece of authentically styled 1930s furniture, this superb music centre has an amazing six functions, all in one compact and attractive unit. The superb stereo gramophone is one of the best available and is ideal for your 33s, 45s or 78s Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles and Elgar never sounded so good.

There is also an AM/FM radio with a fine tuning dial and integral aerial for perfect reception, a front-loading CD player with clear digital display, allowing you to instantly find your favourite track, plus a handy cassette deck for you to enjoy your favourite cassette recordings.

What's more you can record and store all your favourite tunes on your PC using the integrated USB connection and PC software included - allowing you to preserve your precious recordings to PC or play on your MP3 player. Also included is an Aux-in function that allows you to play other devices through your music centre using the built-in stereo speakers.

The unit arrives complete, so no untidy wires or construction just unpack, plug in and listen to the world of difference it makes to your favourite sounds.

Measures: 50cm x 30cm x 20cm

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